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SKS1+RT  (New Improved)                                         SKS1

Deluxe Type:
 Item: Knife sharpener (Knife holders not included).
 Note: Knife Holders must be ordered separately and are not included with the Knife Sharpener...

SKS1+RT  New Style of Knife Sharpener
  This is a professional of knife sharpener that can be grind with
  the round blade of piping strip machine, it is saving cost extend
  the using life for all kinds of knives.

  Professional grind the round blade of tape cutting machine and
  own newly of improvement composition to reach safety and convenience.

Patent Application:
  Invention patents have been applied.

Separate Parts:
  UM68C: Cup Wheel
  UM68D: Diamond cup wheel for carbide tipped knives.

  Pole: 2P
  Varspeed: 3300/3500RPM
  Voltage: 110/220V
  Input Frequency: 50/60HZ
  Max. Input Current: 0.51A/0.48A